A Changing Landscape…

Companies today are facing new challenges and new opportunities, driven by a wide array of trends.

Competition and disruption can come from unexpected directions.

Companies have to constantly change what they are doing and how they’re doing it, just to survive. Change, though, brings uncertainty. How much will it cost? How long will it take? Is this even the right direction?

How do you choose what to do?

Two Ravens helps you respond to the uncertainty that naturally arises from growth into new areas. We are a consulting company that matches the creativity of your teams with the unmet needs of your customers. Our services flourish at the intersection of design, engineering, science and entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to make you more successful as you grow.

What to Expect

Our Approach

We apply empathy to uncover unmet needs, conduct experiments to learn what best fulfills those needs, and gather evidence that helps you make better decisions.

Companies work with us when:

  • They need to introduce new products, services and solutions, and want to see value before making large investments.
  • They are uncertain of which way to go.
  • Their customers are disengaging and they need to reconnect.
  • Their people are solving problems in isolation and working at cross-purposes.

Typical Engagement

Before beginning an engagement, we’ll establish the scope of the challenge and whether we have the right method for you. We use service design sprints to quickly engage with a challenge.

A design sprint can be run in five full days or spread out to ease the impact of having a team away from their normal duties. After the sprint is completed, we provide on-going support and coaching for Lean Startup cycles.

Two-Week Sprint Schedule

  • One day workshop to introduce the sprint and define the challenge the team will be solving
  • One to two weeks to conduct several stakeholder interviews and gather insights (typically 5-10 interviews at an hour each).
  • 3-day design workshop to complete a prototype of the new service and begin the Lean Startup process.

Following this is a multi-week series of experiments that progressively refine the prototype, test it and generate evidence of value and viability. Most of this work is done by the team in their normal course of duties. Two Ravens provides weekly coaching to support this cycle.

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