From A to J – the Minimum Valuable Service

Pareto – the brilliant Italian engineer and economist – proposed that 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes. So why would you start with a solution that builds for 100% of the effects…especially if you’re not sure which are the 80 and which the 20?

The Minimum Valuable Service, or MVS, follows the principle that any person facing a challenge wants to solve a few core things. Then they will worry about better performance or the “wow!” factor. We all want to delight the customers, but if we’re not even satisfying their needs then we’re getting ahead of ourselves. If you went from zero to 100%, there are probably some things you’d want to change afterwards, meaning that some of the effort you put in was wasted. If you only go from zero to 20%, there might still be some waste, but it will be a lot less.

The MVS is the main output of the five-day service design sprint and provides the basis for more detailed evaluation, starting implementation and learning how well you really understand the needs of your ecosystem.